nonprofit speakers


I love the nonprofit world. We are like big giant family… all coming together to work towards good! Anyways…Here are three nonprofit influencers I think are pretty awesome:

  1. Amanda Wallander Roberts

    Why you should follow Amanda:

    “Amanda Wallander Roberts, MSSW, is a management consultant specializing in capacity building for social service organizations through providing evaluation, program/organizational development, and fundraising services. Amanda has helped nonprofits raise more than $24 million, developed and supported implementation of evaluation programs, and coached nonprofit leaders in program and organizational development.”

    What Amanda will talk you to about:

    How your organization can build capacity so you have the resources you need and understand the difference your programs are or aren't making . 

2. Vicki Bixel

Why you should follow Vicki:

“She has partnered with a multitude of nonprofit organizations, successfully guiding them toward multi-million dollar goals and assisting them to strengthen their missions while establishing and realizing their visions. Ms. Bixel is recognized for her knowledge of the ever changing philanthropic supported community. She is regularly quoted in the media regarding philanthropy and fundraising.”

What Vicki will talk you to about:

How to navigate the fundraising landscape in a rapidly changing world, to achieve success in funding your mission. 

3. Rob Harter

Why you should follow Rob:

“Rob is a nonprofit executive professional with over 23 years of experience in leading and building nonprofit organizations, leveraging resources, communication and personal development. Rob is known as an inspirational leader, highly relational, adept at emerging technologies, and has contagious energy combined with an entrepreneurial spirit.”

What Rob will talk you to about:

Nonprofit leadership and excellence. Robs speaks and writes on issues relating to nonprofits, leadership, social-justice, marriage and personal development.