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The Upgraded American Dream


“What if you could make money doing what you love while making the world a better place? I mean, is that even possible, Dad?”

My daughter placed her half drunk coffee mug on the table and awaited my answer patiently…

Is it possible? Of course it is! It’s more possible NOW then ever! The opportunity for individuals to lead companies who have structured their model and culture to engage with direct social impact is not only in abundance… it’s preferred. It is the “Upgraded American Dream”.

Making money for the sake of making money is no longer satisfying new entrepreneurs and start ups. They want to contribute meaningfully the cause of “good” in this world. They are looking for partnerships and opportunities to engage with “bringing changing” and this is not just a “new way of doing business”… it has become THE WAY of doing business.

However, companies need to be smart in how they cultivate a culture of “social good” within their organization. There are many foundational principles that need to be in order to sustain these efforts. The good news is that if they build well, they will accomplish their mission. I call the “Smart Good” model: strategic building for social impact.

After I told my daughter that the “Upgraded American Dream” was indeed, possible, she leaned in and said, “Okay. Let’s do this!” We have been recording our conversations as we discuss how she can build her company to accomplish “smart good”. You can listen to the SMART GOOD podcast on…