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Every day, more and more nonprofits set up an online fundraising platform so they can get in on this action and take home a piece of the pie. However, despite the adoption of online fundraising, we find there are still some misconceptions around online fundraising best practices.
— Will Schmidt

We must shift our focus from just sustaining our programs and our organizations to incorporating sustainability into the program design and outcomes so we leave the recipients of our services in a place where they are able to sustain healthy behavior even when we are no longer there, and the grant funding has ended.
— Regina Brayboy

Not only does research tell us that soliciting donor feedback drives donor loyalty, but it can also generate data that helps fundraisers work smarter, not harder.
— Steven Shattuck

Remember, you aren’t in your role to be liked. You are here to get results for your stakeholders and to reach your mission. Anything that holds you back from that needs to be addressed.
— Sean Kosofsky

The nonprofit sector doesn’t have a problem with the education level, talent, creativity or ability of its workforce. What it has is an image problem and, in some cases, outdated leadership philosophies that thrive on a poverty mentality, leading to low compensation and a perceived lack of prestige surrounding positions in the sector.
— Tracy Vanderneck