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A rising tide lifts all boats, and when national and chapters work together effectively, how high that tide goes can skyrocket.
— Will Schmidt
Nonprofits of all sizes struggle with the issue of visibility. We know that we do fantastic work each and every day, but how can we get others to pay attention?
— Julia Campbell
The hiring process can be scary, but when you find the right person for your team it makes a world of a difference for your organization.
— Aly Sterling
One of the biggest challenges for any conference or event planner is getting funding. Love it or hate it, this one piece determines whether the rest of the conference efforts succeed or fail.
— Joanna Hogan
Whether you’re a shark or #SharkWeek enthusiast, we have a list for you! Keep reading to learn about five highly-rated charities that are working to advocate for and protect this unique and important creature.
— Charity Navigator


       I am going to cut right to chase:

Sustainability and Succession Planning go hand in hand. If you want  your organization to achieve sustainability then succession planning must be a part of the plan. Nonprofits that want to sustain themselves for the long haul need to make sure there is strong leadership ready and available in the future.


Here are the 5 W's of Succession Planning for Nonprofits:


     For an organization to be healthy and productive it will need healthy and productive leadership steering it towards success. When there is gap of this kind of leadership, the organization will suffer and experience set backs. If I can't convince you of this, maybe this article will convince ya:  " Succession Planning for Nonprofits- Managing Leadership Transitions"

WHEN? Start succession planning . Right Now. It's never too early and it's never too soon. Get the conversation rolling and if you need help with what questions you should be asking at the moment in regards to succession planning, this article on "Succession Planning for Nonprofits of All Sizes" is a terrific resource!


    Start in house, of course! There just may be potential candidates in the organization who already have caught the heart of the mission and are ready to be developed into key leaders! Identify who they are, assess their skills, and get the ball rolling! A good succession plan includes regular development of employees. If consistent development is lacking, than you can expect migraine and ulcers in the future when those inevitable leadership transitions take place. To avoid migraines and ulcers, read: 5 Steps to Stronger Succession Plans in Nonprofits


   Who is involved in the succession planning? Good question and this is where things get a bit awkward.  I think the short answer to the question is that board is responsible for making sure the succession plan in place and operating at a healthy level. Leaders who are "on their way out"... should lend a helpful hand in the process too... but... that this where things can get  awkward since the conditions of the leadership transition maybe determine that this would not be appropriate practice. 

  I do believe that all levels of the organization should be involved in succession planning in some capacity...whether it is to give input about development or to help assess the culture to determine future leadership. I think the worst thing to do is to be super secretive about succession planning. There is a time and place to roll out information but it's healthy for employees to understand that as the organization evolves to achieve it's mission, so will it's leadership. 

 Also don't be afraid to enlist outside help to guide you through the process. It's very helpful!


    What do you do in succession planning? There are lots of things to do and there are lots of great resources to help you! Here are my top 3:

Nonprofit Succession Planning :Fostering a Culture of Leadership Continuity To Advance Your Mission

The Five Keys to An Effective Succession Plan

5 Best Practices to Identifying Potential Leaders


      Succession planning should not be scary. It's the secret to sustainability. So, if not's an a priority... it needs to be. Your future depends on it.

   Always your fan,



I am just going to come right out and say it because I can't hold it in any longer...


The secret to nonprofit success is...

(drum roll, please...)


      Yup!  The secret to nonprofit success is when nonprofits brainstorm together, share resources with one another, educate each other, support one another, and stay interested in each other's causes.

       Some of you are you saying right now, "Todd, we don't have the time to collaborate with other nonprofit organizations!"

And I am telling you that you don't have the time to NOT collaborate with other nonprofit organizations! 

   Now is the time to gather together and be there for each other! (Do you see me waving a nonprofit flag in the air, right now? I am that passionate about this!)

  Look, the nonprofit world is about community not competition. There is so much good to be done in this world and if we are ever going to get it done... we will need to get it done together.     

But how? 


I am soooo glad you asked:



        We live in a wonderful time where there are a lot of wonderful nonprofit conferences that you can attend! They are not as boring as they used to be! Hooray! Aaaaaaaaand the money and time is most certainly worth the friendships that are made and the resources gained. Conferences are a fabulous way to collaborate with other nonprofits. Now, I would like to add that attending a nonprofit conference is not going automatically  help you find your next nonprofit bestie. In addition to attending the conference, you have to also engage with other nonprofits... ask them questions... listen to their stories... and be willing share your own.


       The other nonprofits in your local community are not your enemies. Should I say that again?

The other nonprofits in your local community are NOT your enemies.

   They are not even your competition. They are a valuable resource they you have the opportunity to draw from and pour into. So make nice. Invite their C-Suites to a luncheon where you can all get to know each other better.  Begin to cultivate a local nonprofit squad that is determined to have each other's back. Get matching tattoos if you think that will help.



     Take up the mantle of being the nonprofit squad leader and start to host collaboration sessions. Gather your nonprofit friends together and ask, "How can we help each other?" Some other great questions to ask that will get a helpful conversation going are:

  • What are similar problems that we are all facing?
  • What are new systems, programs, and services that are working that we can either recommend or share?
  • What unique skill sets can we share as leaders?
  • What are some wins we can celebrate with and for each other?
Remember collaboration is magic.

    Collaboration is magic. Collaboration promotes creativity... which supports sustainability... which cultivates community. So, get on the collaborative band wagon and start making friends! There is plenty of good out there to get done!  Let's do it together.


Waving the Nonprofit flag proudly, 



Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

The key is to start designing now so you can let your creativity flourish and produce a template that will serve you well into the future.
— Will Schmidt
As we debriefed on the process, we realized that before we created the Last Step fund we’d had a systemic problem. We’d been trying to work harder at communicating current programming that wasn’t A) meeting the full needs of our students nor B) inspiring our donors.
— Bill Hoffman
“Think about the memories that you have with the people you love, and remember that those memories may be all that you may ever have of them, and all that they may ever have of you.”
— Vu
Nonprofit social media marketing is a cost-effective, creative and flexible way to communicate your story to your audience.
— Leeann Alameda
Potential job applicants are beginning to place as much emphasis on positive organizational culture as they do on job tasks and salaries. This means activating a culture of well being in the nonprofit workplace is even more important to avoid turnover and attract top talent.
— Beth Kanter
Be different but be authentic. Branding without sincerity is just a color scheme.