Check the Source: Getting Accurate and Reliable Info to Help You Succeed

We live in an era where information is plentiful and readily available…

However, not all of the plentiful and readily available information is accurate or helpful. It is important to check the source of your resource as you build your business or organization. The wrong information could cause costly mistakes. Here are my 4 favorite places to glean accurate and reliable information and advice:

  1. A successful leader in the arena of which you want to build.

    In episode 3 of the Smart Good podcast, we talked about the example of someone wanting to open a fair trade coffee shop. The best place to gather helpful information on how one can build a sustainable and successful fair trade coffee shop is by talking to coffee shop own who has already built a sustainable and successful fair trade coffee shop. Don’t be afraid of talking to the competition! In fact, make your competition your mentor. Learn from their mistakes and victories. This will save you a heck of a lot of time…

  2. A business mentor who will coach you on the skills you need to sharpen.

    A seasoned business/organizational leader can speak to specific areas that you need to grow in. Don’t be shy in asking someone you respect to teach you what they know! There is gold to be found in those who have gone before us and can shed some light on how to mature in our business/organization. Mentors want to see their mentees succeed. They often will try their best to provide the most helpful information because their motivation is your success.

  3. Tried and tested books.

    Read often and read widely (translation: be sure to include in your reading list people you don’t always 100% agree with). If you are not a big reader, may I suggest investing in Audible? I use Audible ALL time and have found that listening to audiobooks has enriched my daily commute and increased my productivity.

  4. Podcasts with street cred.

    Podcasts are a magical and a free resource that can help educate you without you having to spend a single dime. It is important, however, to make sure that the podcast you are listening to is being hosted/created by someone who can legitimately provide helpful and accurate information. So, please… Do. Your. Research. You will be surprised that there are a number of podcasts created by folks who haven’t succeeded or even possess "real life experience” in the arena of which they are now an “expert”. Here is a list of podcasts you can work your way through right now: 21 of the Best Business Podcasts You Should Listen to in 2019.

    When building a company or organization, especially one with a social cause woven through it’s DNA, it is imperative to collect good, solid information. The information you curate will inform your decisions and design of how the company operates. Be picky about the source and be sure not to give every critic or naysayer your ear. Listen only to the people who have been in the fight before you and have something valuable to add to what you are hoping to achieve. Check the source and in doing so, you will build a successful and sustainable company that can and will accomplish a lot of good for this world.

To find out more information on gaining helpful information to build you business/organization with a social cause, listen to EPISODE 3 of the Smart Good Podcast: Finding the Right Resource So You Can Get the Job Done Right.

Todd is a partner at Sax with over 30 years of in-depth auditing, accounting and advisory experience, serving a multitude of industries. His wealth of experience has led him to lead the firm’s Transaction Advisory Practice, Accounting & Auditing Department, and Sax’s Not-for-Profit Practice.