Identifying the Ultimate Customer to Accomplish the Ultimate Good

Building a company that has a strong social impact requires the ultimate customer to be clearly identified from the get-go. The company’s culture determines the social impact it has . The culture is influenced by the employees in the organization and the customers it serves. When the values of the ultimate customer are not aligned with the values of the company, it will become difficult to achieve the social impact desired.

Some questions to ask in identifying the ultimate customer may seem basic but they do need to be revisited often:

What is the age of the ultimate customer?

  • Is the ultimate customer still in college?

  • Are they well established in their career?

  • Do they have grown children or are they entering retirement?

Where does the ultimate customer live?

  • Do they live in a major city, suburb, or rural area?

  • Do they own or rent?

  • Do they reside in something modern or charmingly old?

What are the ultimate customer’s interests and hobbies?

  • How do they spend their free time?

  • How much money are they willing to invest in their interests and hobbies?

  • Are their interests/hobbies solo or social activities?

What kind of financial availability does the ultimate customer possess?

  • What is their annual income?

  • Where does the majority of their monthly income pay for?

  • What are they saving up for?

What areas of concern does the ultimate customer have for this world?

  • What nonprofits do they already donate to?

  • What social issues are they passionate about?

  • What are the willing to roll up their sleeves and fight for?

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When properly identified and creativly marketed, the ultimate customer will propel the company’s mission to achieve the social impact it desires. Additionally, the customer becomes the loudest voice for the social cause the company wishes to serve. This is why it is strategic and smart to consistently evaluate if who you are selling to is the same person you want to help you make this world a better place.

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Todd is a partner at Sax with over 30 years of in-depth auditing, accounting and advisory experience, serving a multitude of industries. His wealth of experience has led him to lead the firm’s Transaction Advisory Practice, Accounting & Auditing Department, and Sax’s Not-for-Profit Practice.