Enjoy these reads with some Shepherd’s Pie and a tall Guinness:

Not only do you have to make the conscious choice to prioritize data, you also have to empower your nonprofit to with people and tools to act on the right metrics.
— Will Schmidt
Whether it’s as an employee or a volunteer, working for a nonprofit can be rewarding in many ways. But how do you sift through the thousands of nonprofits that cover hundreds of cause areas to find the right fit for you?
— Erica Roberts
The leaders that you need at the beginning when you start, and the skill set that they have, and what they bring to the table is pretty different with a mature organization.
— Andy Robinson
The Dalai Lama once observed: “The greatest threat to our world is [that] we’re raising a generation of passive bystanders.” WE is helping ensure that won’t be the case. Through our WE Schools service-based learning programs, it provides students and educators with the tools and resources to take action.
— Craig Kielburger

5. It All Adds Up

by Thomas A. McLaughlin at The NonProfit Times

Streetsmart nonprofit managers are looking for savings everywhere, for all the obvious reasons. No type of spending is likely to escape at least momentary attention, and many managers are poring over cost reports looking for increasingly elusive opportunities to reduce spending.
— Thomas A. McLaughlin