The following reads are best consumed with a gourmet hamburger and a bottle of Not Your Grandfather’s Root Beer:

Just because you own a small business or you work in a medium-sized company, it does not mean that you cannot have an impact in your community.
— Fred Chua
To prepare future innovators, the institutions that nurture tomorrow’s leaders—our universities—are equipping students with the skills they need to effect meaningful change.
— Elle Burke
If, however, you’re not sure about your storytelling skills, you can make mistakes that will cost you the attention of potential donors.
— Daniela McVicker
... the problem many organizations need to solve is how to step off the fury hamster wheel so that they can find authentic messaging alternatives
— Vanessa Chase brings a new base for retaining cultural diversity in the arts, and that, in this time of entertainment monopolies, is a welcome development indeed.
— Steve Dubb