Enjoy these reads with a beef brisket and an American Oak-Aged Merlot.

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Businesses, too, can reap those benefits through social entrepreneurship, setting out to change the world through innovative thinking.
— Jane Burnett
The 2019 Forbes 30 Under 30 Europe Art & Culture honorees are more than outstanding artists, founders, designer and models. They are the best in the world because in their success, and through their creativity, they champion originality and goodness.
— Alexandra Sternlicht
Read the following quotes about giving to remember why you do what you do and reflect on all of the wise and generous people who embodied the spirit of giving before you.
— Meredith Kavanagh
Just because someone has worked weekends for a similar organization does not mean they are ready to be your next CEO.
Understanding your motivation style could be the key to setting yourself up for greater success.
— Gwen Moran