Here are my 5 favorite articles from this week… enjoy these reads with some vegetarian chili and good stout:

Todd Social Media January.png
Today’s consumers respect brands that take a stand. But choose your issues wisely.
— Adam Snitzer
Businesses are having to openly talk about where they stand, so that customers understand who they are and why they should choose them over other brands
— Todd Fischer
Your data has to be owned by you and it has to come with you when you migrate. Without it, you could lose the ability to connect with your donors.
— Will Schmidt
The company has started the Fellowship program to send employees to work full time for up to six months to help nonprofits harness technology to help solve critical social problems.
— Nicole Wallace
Bryan and Bradford shared with me how they got started with the business, the central role their mission plays in it, and how by having philanthropy at the core of their business they’ve been able to raise over $300,000 dollars in the fight to find a cure for blindness – even as a startup.
— Brent Leary