No matter what people tell you, words and ideas can change the world.
— Robin Williams

    Words matter. I know your kindergarten teacher told you that but I also want to remind you:

Words really do matter.

   Communication gives birth to inspiration... or apathy. Words produce action - but they might not produce the action desired. This is why NFP's would serve themselves well by investing in quality marketing and publicity. The message of the mission has to be carefully crafted. It has to be inspiring ...and when it's not...well... 

     No one cares. 

No one wants to roll up their sleeves and pitch in.

No one wants to contribute financially.

No one feels the urgency of the mission.

        It is of my opinion that it is every nonprofit's right to speak about their mission as though it is the most important mission the world. The words that communicate the mission should mirror this kind of radical passion. They should stir hope and possibility and makes us all feel invited to take part in this great big good.  They should utterly convince us that the solution to the mission is found within us.

  Inspiration causes others to believe they hold the power to bring change... not just the organization.

words matter.png

    Robin Williams was right. Words do change the world. Your words change the world. And I want to hear them! Sooooooo.....

      I work at SAX LLP which is firm that LOVES nonprofit organizations! To show our love, we are giving a winning NJ/NYC organization a $15,000 unrestricted gift : The Founder's Award. This year's theme is HOW DO YOU INSPIRE?

   If you are a NJ/NYC nonprofit, please... PLEASE apply for the Founder's Award

Tell us your inspiring words:

      Dear nonprofit friends, I am cheering for you. You are amazing and your are doing good work! Keep on inspiring and using your words to change the world!

Always your friend,