Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

The fact of the matter is that there are lots of ways your organization can manage your donors as effectively and efficiently as a larger nonprofit.
— Jay Love
We know it can be scary to invest hard-earned money in overhead expenses or areas that the average supporter may not understand, but it’s your job to make an informed decision on what will have the most impact for your nonprofit.
— Ellie Burke
It is easy to get caught up in fundraising efforts as a nonprofit and count solely on those campaigns and projects to advocate for your audience. While this is helpful, fundraising should not be your only advocacy effort!
— Adam Weinger
... creating that kind of donor experience involves more than just assessing a donor’s wealth and giving history. It also involves creating a complete picture of who they are and how they are engaging with your organization.
— Nonprofit Times
Just saying “Hey everyone, it’s Giving Tuesday!” is NOT a compelling reason to make me take out my wallet or click the donate button.
— Julia Campbell