Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

You may not care one bit about professional football. Even if you do, you probably aren’t overly concerned about the off-season trades and signings of multi-millionaire players. This blog post isn’t going to convince you otherwise.

— Andrew Cecil
Successful organizations expand their passion for the mission to include passion for the organization.
— Ellen Mowrer
Stories are a fundamental device that we humans use to communicate and process information. We think in metaphors and we learn through stories. Which means that every time you communicate to your audience—whether through your website, email, videos, social media, events—you are telling people a story about your nonprofit.
— Ron Arnold
Are you a valuable and valued board member for a nonprofit? If not, a graceful resignation and reassignment may be good for you and the organization.
— Gene Takagi
We always recommend donors begin their charitable giving with a plan. It should include a list of the causes you’re most passionate about, your budget, and your timeline.
— Ashley Post