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Whether it’s a pre-planned pitch to someone you expect to meet, or an out-of-the-blue conversation, you must be prepared to strike while the iron is hot
— Will Schmidt

Millennials want to make lasting differences in the world. However, because they are not like the generations that came before them, this demographic group requires strategic approaches to foster engagement.
— Kayla Matthews

We are, however, constantly evolving our procedures to better identify the rare cases when a nonprofit provides dishonest information, as was the case here.
— Evan Paul

You can feel confident giving to any of the organizations on these lists.

...this does not sound like a very big decision, but I have learned that how we dress in this field is critical to our work, determining how we and thus our organizations are perceived.
— Vu

The difference lies in how well an organization is able to inspire others to move to action. Good nonprofits can make a good case for their cause. Great nonprofits give people a reason to do something about their cause.