INSPIRING OTHERS: The Superpower Every Nonprofit Needs To Possess

Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson

       What is the difference between a good nonprofit and a great nonprofit?

          I'm glad you asked! The difference lies in how well an organization is able to inspire others to move to action. Good nonprofits can make a good case for their cause. Great nonprofits give people a reason to do something about their cause.

  The ability to inspire others is the superpower every nonprofit needs to possess.


   Without inspiration you may able to maintain the operations of the mission but with inspiration you will be able to save lives because of the mission. There is a big difference which is why it's important to ask yourselves these three questions:

1) How are we actively inspiring others in relation to the mission? (Where is this done primarily? Events? Marketing? Donor Relationships?)

2) What are the measurable data that indicates we are indeed inspiring others in the relation to the mission? (Don't stick your nose up at 'measurable data'... it's your most useful to in understanding effectiveness. Just saying.)

3) Why are people inspired by us? (What keeps people attracted to our cause?)

    Inspiring others is an art in the non-profit world because you have to be able to find the balance of intentionality and authenticity. Manipulative pleas and do-good gimmicks just don't work. This is why nonprofit organizations must become out of the box, creative thinkers who will are willing to put their heart on the line and their hands to work. 

  Many non-profit organizations are doing a great job at inspiring and frankly, I LOVE IT! This is why my firm, SAX LLP  is giving away another Founder's Award to a NJ/NYC nonprofit organization this year! We are giving away a $15,000.00 unrestricted gift to an NFP that really wows the outside judges with how they inspire.  If you are an NJ/NYC nonprofit, please do not miss out! I don't think I have to tell you that $15,000.00 can make a big difference... 

    For more information on the Founder's Award, click below:

     Keep inspiring, my dear and awesome nonprofit friends! It's your superpower! Continue to wield this gift for good! The world needs it.

Always cheering you on,