Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

For nonprofits specifically, this data can provide a detailed look into the trends behind fundraising activity, the people supporting a mission, and the success of a campaign.
— Will Schmidt

Psychologists claim that mind mapping can make us smarter and more creative. That’s all well and fine, but what about its use in practice for your nonprofit organization?
— Leslie Vos

Having such clarity on the leadership of a prospective organization can help eliminate the danger of Founder’s Syndrome, where the organization becomes synonymous with the founder instead of the mission; in turn giving the founder ultimate authority over what should be group decisions.
— Tracy Vanderneck

I hope that these brutally honest answers will spur us nonprofits and foundations to be more truthful and transparent with one another so that one day, our children’s children can write grant proposals without having to craft as much BS as we currently do.
— Vu

t’s not uncommon for folks to tell me they’re involved with a “worthwhile nonprofit” that helps (whatever) – as if the mere fact of being “nonprofit” should be enough to persuade me to jump on board. It’s not.
— Claire Axelrad