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If you feel like your nonprofit has been just “getting by,” it’s time to take a closer look at what’s holding you back.
— Allison Gauss
What exactly is this “miracle cure” for your blues? It’s charity, and I’m sure we’ve all heard the numerous adages about how giving makes us happy. That being said, most of us don’t know where to start; exactly how much should someone give, and if giving makes one happy, would it not be logical to assume that the more a person gives, the happier they’ll be? The answer is no, and I have the science to prove it.
— Moshe Hecht
People act from the heart and not the head. Giving is a personal act, and the act of giving is immediate.
— F. Duke Haddad
These proven marketing principles of knowing your brand, understanding your target audience, and investing in marketing should resonate today with nonprofits as they try to increase visibility for their work and create deeper connections with donors.

— Julia Campbell
There’s a philanthropic meconomy as well. Your donor seeks a ‘feel good’ experience, and your job is to encourage supporters to invest philanthropically in order to find out what makes them feel good about themselves.
— Claire Axelrad