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With the hefty price tags on conference tickets, airfare, and accommodations, you want to ensure you get the biggest return on your investment. Aside from money, you’re also spending a lot of personal time away from your organization to attend—you want a return on that investment as well.
— Will Schmidt
The latest data shows a continuing trend of fewer donors giving more money. With the number of donors down more than 6 percent, but giving revenue decreasing by just 2.4 percent, the charitable sector continues to see fewer, typically wealthier donors accounting for more and more of giving totals.
— Nonprofit Times
But let’s be honest, the nonprofit world is less interested in broad cultural impact and is more focused on “engagement.” As in, how can we interact with this exceptional group of people to get them to engage with our nonprofits more, in terms of both time and money? Unfortunately, there is good reason for concern…
— Otis Fulton and Katrina VanHuss
When a board member asks for a gift and the prospect makes a generous commitment, joy pervades the air.
— Harvey McKinnon
Most nonprofits should expect fewer donations to come in this year. Major gifts from the 10 percent of people who will continue to itemize will be even more critical to your fundraising.
OK. So, what should charities do about this?
— Michael Stein and Jim Lynch
Every great nonprofit organization has a super awesome board rowing it towards it’s successful destination.