Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

Whether you’re taking your first crack at email marketing, or you’re a seasoned veteran optimizing your strategies, there are some creative and fun experiments you can run to help boost donor engagement.
— Will Schmidt
Seek not only to have excellent donor service with your brand but also aim to have exceptional team member service. It’s the first place to start with having outstanding donor support.
— Wayne Elsey
You have to ask. And you have to ask them to meet concrete and realistic goals.
— Esther Choy
If you, like several members of the Charity Navigator team, will be dressed up in your gloves and fascinator to celebrate with happy couple early Saturday morning, consider making a gift to one of these highly-rated charities to commemorate the occasion.
The key to effective donor communication is to close the gap between making a donation and the impact that these contributions will make.
— John Hayden

Collaboration is magic. Collaboration promotes creativity... which supports sustainability... which cultivates community.