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In a world of instant news, we are often faced with corruption and scandals surrounding nonprofits. Charities are held at a higher standard and need to improve their transparency in order to maintain donor trust.
— Ariel Black

Thank you for all that you do, every single day, relentlessly, against myriad challenges, to make the world better.
— Vu

Creating video content doesn’t need to be overwhelming, and you don’t have to spend tons of marketing dollars to create cinematic, lengthy, elaborate videos.
— Michelle Arnold

Isabelle and Katherine began the project because they wanted to help other girls in countries who didn’t get to go to school because they have to spend their days hauling unclean water into their communities.

The summarized key findings below should fully arouse the curiosity of everyone reading this blog post to dig deeper into what affect the findings have on the future leadership of every charity they touch as a volunteer leader, volunteer and donor.
— Jay Love