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              aaaaaaaaaand because I care about YOU, I want to share with you 4 social media resources that will help you up your social media game. I have a big heart for the nonprofit community and a desire to see nonprofit organizations become financially sustainable. What I have observed is that the organizations who are financially sustainable have a strong social media presence that is consistently telling their story. I want YOU to rock your cause so here is what I've got to share with you.

(PS: Just so you know...I get *no* compensation for sharing these resources with you. This is just honest-to-goodness-from-the-heart-and-because-we-are-friends sharing).


1. Julia Campbell

I’m Julia, your friendly neighborhood nonprofit digital marketing and online fundraising strategist!


 Julia IS your friendly neighborhood nonprofit digital and online fundraising strategist and she offers a wealth of social media goodies on her website.  If you are a nonprofit who feels overwhelmed with keeping up with your social media/online marketing calendar, Julia is your fairy social media godmother

Here is one my favorite posts on her blog: HOW TO DO A SOCIAL MEDIA SPRING CLEANING AT YOUR NONPROFIT

If I was going to recommend one of Julia's online courses to invest in, I would recommend: MAPPING OUT YOUR NONPROFIT MARKETING CALENDAR FOR 2018! (It's never to let to tighten up your social media calendar.)

Aaaaaand if you are really in it to win it, I would recommend booking Julia for one of her "SOCIAL MEDIA SUPERCHARGE" sessions. This package includes:

  • an audit of your past and current social media strategies and accounts
  • a 60 minute phone call to review her recommendations and ideas
  • a full recording of the phone call, all her notes, and one page social media action plan and toolkit custom designed for you.

We’re on a mission to mobilize & empower the world for good.

     It's no secret that I consider Classy to be one of my favorite nonprofit resources. If you could have a Twitter-bestie, Classy would be mine. They are consistently putting out great content that will directly influence your social media game.

Here is a post, full of gold, that I think is worth reading: NONPROFIT MARKETING METRICS: WHAT TO TRACK. The best line in this article is, "For nonprofit sustainability, data is power!" YES! Power to the data! (Picture me with my fist in the air for dramatic effect.)

    My favorite ebook that Classy generously gives out to nonprofit organizations (*for free*) is: THE SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETING GUIDE FOR NONPROFIT EVENTS. Please download this magic before hosting your next event.

Social media management made easy.

Sprout Social takes the head ache out of social media management because they do all the thinking for you. They offer three packages which are reasonably priced and I would recommend considering Sprout Social especially if you are an organization that is unable to hire a full on marketing team (meaning more than one brave person is running your entire marketing department).

    Sprout Social knows their stuff when it comes to nonprofit social media and to prove it, here is a stellar comprehensive guide that you will help you rock your cause:  A  STRATEGIC GUIDE TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR NONPROFITS

The Nonprofit Innovation & Optimization Summit is the only nonprofit conference that is solely dedicated to helping you develop a mastery of online fundraising.

 You know how I feel about a good nonprofit conference and this looks like it's going to a great one! Break out your cowboy boots because we are heading to San Antonio, Texas (September 27-28) for two days of some serious online marketing/social media strategizing! Yeehaw!

   This conference is for organizations who are not playing games when it comes to making sure their cause is heard loud and clear online. It's going to be intense ...and it's going to be fun ...and we are going to eat Texan food! What more could you ask for.

   Saddle up, Cowboy, and book your ticket now!


        There are a lot of great social media resources for nonprofits out there. These are just four that I have been thinking of recently. Let me know if any of them have been a help to you. 

I am cheering for you, my nonprofit friend,