Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

While it’s said the sum is only as good as its parts, high performing teams can only achieve their greatest level of collective impact when they have an effective leader.
— Ellie Burke
... just avoiding the mistakes isn’t good enough to make yours a winning proposal.
— Waddy Thompson
A key component of any valid plan is research: reviewing giving data, reviewing communications and plans, listening to staff and board leadership, getting the insight of the development team and, especially, listening to donors.
— Jeff Jowdy
The more you can celebrate the people who make your mission possible, the more successful your posts will be. Don’t be afraid to sprinkle in a few appeals here and there.
— Steven Shattuck
Without a solid development plan in place, there’s nothing to guide your fundraising and marketing efforts.
— Claire Axelrad

There are a lot of things that will help you grow your influence, but if you don’t have passion and people behind the mission, you are in the danger zone.
— Todd Polyniak