I am all about the nonprofit community... family. 

   The nonprofit community is a family. I love how organizations and nonprofit thought leaders are so open to collaboration and sharing resources. This is what makes the magic of social media so useful for nonprofits. You can make friends with nonprofit leaders/organizations that are across the country! You can learn from them and share what you have learned too. All it takes is access to the internet and BAM! You are connected to a brilliant community of folks who are also committed to doing good.

   Here is my shortlist of ten nonprofit influencers to start following today. All of these folks are hanging out on Twitter. Twitter is a great place for NFP's to gather share, and cheer each other on, So, if Twitter is not your hang out, it's time to start dropping by. Oh and one more thing... this list is compiled in alphabetical order and not ranking order. I like all these people the same. Got it? Good.

1. Asif Talukdar

    Asif is one of my favorites in the nonprofit community. Asif is always rooting for nonprofits...big and small.. and is passionate about nonprofits becoming more connected to resources. Have you checked out Goodlinc yet? Asif is behind the Goodlinc magic. Get to know Asif!

2. Amy Eiesenstein 

   Amy is a brilliant thought leader in raising major gifts. If you don't know Amy, today is THE day to get to know her. Check her content at MasteringMajorGifts.com. You can thank me later.

3Beth Kanter

  Beth is a nonprofit nurturer. She really cares about the well-being of nonprofit organizations. She even co-wrote the book for it: The Happy Healthy Nonprofit. Beth is the kind of friend that all NFP leaders need in their everyday feed. If you aren't already connected with her, don't waste another day. Please. I will worry about you until you do. 

4. Gail Perry

      Gail is always tweeting magic for nonprofits. Her content is rich. It will be like love at first blog post. Read Gail's pearls of wisdom here and follow her like your life depended on it.

5. Julia Campbell

     Anyone who has a unicorn emoji next to their social media handle is my people. Julia helps nonprofits get noticed. Who doesn't need a little more help wth this?  You can read some of the gold Julia offers nonprofits here. She's the best.

6. John Haydon

   John Haydon is one the great gurus of nonprofit marketing. If you are already following him, please give yourself a high five. You have done well, friend. Learn more from John here. If John is not in your feed yet, give yourself a hug and tell yourself, "It's okay. You can fix this..." and then go follow him!!

7Jeff Jowdy

     Jeff is another one of my favorite writers that gives the community relevant and useful advice that is so needed today. You can find him on Nonprofit Pro. Follow him! Right. Now. He will make you smart. Pinky promise.

8. Tony Martignetti

     Tony hosts Nonprofit Radio which is a great resource from your commute. Plus, he's pretty entertaining! Download Tony onto your playlist today.

9. Vu (AKA Nonprofit AF)

   Vu is a breath of fresh honest air to the nonprofit community...always ready to say what we are all thinking. A community always need someone who will cut the bull and speak frankly. Right? You can read more of Vu's unapologetic honesty here.  Follow Vu and feel less alone in this nonprofit adventure. 

10. Will Schmidt

       Will is a regular content writer for Classy. You may have noticed that Will's articles usually make it into my round up of Friday Favorite's.  He cuts right to the chase and tells you what you need to know. Make friends with Will!