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When you take a donor-centered approach to a major gift, you let the donor lead the way. She feels entirely in control. She never feels “presented” to or pushed.
— Gail Perry
When you create fundraising events and campaigns that tie to seasonal experiences, you give people a relevant opportunity to connect with your organization.
— Ellie Burke
A crowdfunding campaign is not a red flag—there are lots of great campaigns raising money for an important causes. But you do want to connect to the cause, understand who is collecting and managing the funds, and how your donation will be used before you donate.
Only the finest of board recruitment committees will have the members dedicated enough to go the extra mile to find and draw into the fold the number of possible board chairs to staff the entire board over time.
— Jay Love
While the lucky recipients of these credits understand the action as a wakeup call designed to make the grants more effective, some worry that the short period to adapt to the new terms will leave them out in the cold for a while.
— Ruth McCambridge






 TUESDAY, MARCH 6, 2018  | 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM

Marking the largest overhaul of a United States tax policy in years, the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law on December 22, 2017 by President Trump. There are key provisions in this reform that will greatly impact not-for-profit organizations and our in-house experts will dive into the areas that most affect tax-exempt organizations and donor/charitable giving.

Join the Sax Not-for-Profit team on March 6th as we explore the significant changes impacting the nonprofit sector and key steps organizations should consider in order to tackle Tax Reform head on.



  • New Standard Deduction

  • Unrelated Business Income

  • Limit on State and Local Real Estate Tax

  • New Charitable Contribution Limits

  • Overview of Tax Reform and Not-for-Profit Industry Update