I love a good conference, don't you?

    Conferences are great resource for relevant information, important networking, and making room to be inspired again. I encourage all of my non-profit clients  to make every effort to attend a conference that is for non-profit leaders. Why? Because we should never turn down an opportunity to grow and learn and we  should always be open to making new connections and non-profit friends.  So, with all that said, I would like to let you know of three non-profit conferences that I think you should check out.

1. Cause Camp

Date: March 26th-27th 2018 

Location: Lincoln, Nebraska

Hosted by: Nonprofit Hub (Nonprofit Hub should be your best friend if you are involved in with nonprofits professionally. Seriously, go make friends with them and quick!)

Price: $99 (Online Stream Attendee)  $299 (In-person Attendee) 

Why I am interested: Sadly, I will not be able to attend in-person this year, but you better believe me that this conference is on my wish list for 2019! The good news is that they offer an online-streaming ticket! Hooray for modern technology! I am interested in this conference because of the one-track format. Sometimes too many choices of speakers and workshops can be hassle especially when you are going to a conference with a team. Simple is always the best way to go. Everyone hears the same thing at the same time and therefore it makes for a more cohesive discussion in a later debrief.  

We do things a little different at Cause Camp. Instead of lecturing you for hours on end, we aim to feed your fire. You’ll return to work with new perspectives and a list of action items to #CauseTheChange.


2. Collaborative: 2018

Date: June 12th-14th 2018

Location: Boston

Hosted by : Classy (if you are a non-profit leader and you don't follow Classy... shame on you)

Price: $395 (Individual Rate which includes: 3-day access to workshops, panels, keynotes, and happy hours) and $325 (Team Ticket which includes: 3-day access to workshops, panels, keynotes, and happy hours for teams of three or more people. Get a discounted ticket rate for each team member.) 

Why I am interested: The name of this conference is what attracts me to it's vibe : Collaborative. Collaboration is the secret ingredient to non-profit sustainability so when I hear that a non-profit conference is called the "Collaborative", I just want to get  our my kazoo and party streamers and shout, "Heck yea! I'm in!"

3 days. 130+ speakers. 1,200 peers. Hands-on workshops, lively panel discussions, fireside chats, TED-style talks, and intentional networking that will energize you and provide tangible takeaways—all against the exciting backdrop of Boston’s revitalized Seaport District.

3. Nonprofit Storytelling Conference

Date: October 15th-October 17th 2018

Location: Orlando

Sponsored by: Bloomerang and Reliant Studios (both champions for nonprofit organizations)

Price: $495 (Video only) $695 (Ticket only) $845 (Ticket and Video)

Why I am interested: I think think their "Story Labs" are a brilliant idea! Sometimes when we attend conferences we can feel like we are lost in the crowd and it's hard to see how the information we are gaining in the main sessions apply to our specific organization. The "Story Lab" piece of this conference gives organizations an opportunity to get one-on-one help with experts. This a great space to ask specific questions and gain solutions that speak to your unique need as an organization. Hello? Are you as excited about this as I am? Break out the dancing shoes! 

Nonprofits need stories to grow their leadership in their community. They need stories so elected officials understand why their cause matters. They need stories that help neighbors support their expansion.