Hello Nonprofit Enthusiast! Welcome to my Friday Favorites! Each Friday, I curate my favorite nonprofit articles, resources and blogs from the week! Enjoy!

1. 8 Nonprofits and Their Successful Growth Strategies

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While growth might be difficult to pin down, it isn’t out of your reach.
— Will Schmidt

by Will Schmidt (@WJS1988 ) at @classy


2. 2 Keys to Improving Nonprofit Leadership

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The quality of leadership in the nonprofit sector and the fundraising profession reflects on all of us. It impacts our ability to insist on proven best practices and other high standards that our organizations deserve.
— Jeff Dowdy


by Jeff Dowdy (@jeffjowdy)  at @non_profit_pro

3. How to Prime Your Donors for the Ask with the Jedi Mind Trick

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People want to feel inspired. Although you can ask for unrestricted operating money, it’s not inspiring. On the other hand, saving someone’s life is very inspiring.
— Amy Eisenstein


by Amy Eisenstein (@AmyEisenstein) at @GuideStarUSA

4.  It's 2018 - Do You Know When Your Nonprofit's Cybersecurity is?

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Those of us in the field may like to think that nonprofit organizations are immune to cybersecurity risks; why would anyone want our data? The reality is, nonprofit organizations collect incredibly sensitive information about its constituents and donors, which can include social security numbers, credit card information, and medical information.
— Sheela Nimishakavi

by Sheela Nimishakav  at @npquarterly

5. Building Bench Strength, Developing Professional Skills

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developing on necessary functional capacities and creating a system that builds on an ongoing commitment to learning is seen as a next frontier for professional development at the organization.
— Andy Segedin