FRIDAY FAVORITES: Nonprofit Articles, Blogs, and Resources

Here are my favorite nonprofit articles, resources, and blogposts from this week. Please enjoy!


1. Classy’s Top 6 Nonprofit Webinars of 2017

By: Will Schmidt at @classy

  This is a fantastic round up of practical tips on how to improve your fundraising game. Classy always offers great resources that all nonprofit leaders should be taking advantage on a regular basis. 



2. A Surefire Way to Help Your Executive Director Complete Fundraising Tasks

By: Andrea Kihlstedt at @GuideStarUSA

    Andrea suggests that , "you may be able to get far better results by changing the way you use your regular in-person meetings". If you are struggling to get things done and are frustrating your staff, this method may work well for you. 

  Andrea is also offering a FREE WEBINAR on January 24th: "Feasibility Studies: Essential Process or Unnecessary Expense?". You can learn more about this free webinar here.



3. Succession Planning for God’s Gift: The Nonprofit Whisperer Weighs In

 By: The Nonprofit Whisper at @npquarterly

  I recently stumbled upon The Nonprofit Whisperer who is described like "...a Greek chorus to your nonprofit practice. Write to her today about your nonprofit drama..." In this post a young anonymous asker is sharing their woes as as a nonprofit board member who is frustrated by  "Succession Planning" or lack thereof. The Nonprofit Whisperer weighs in and gives some mighty advice.



4. Direct Mail Continues Driving Planned Giving

By: Mark Hyrwna at @@NonProfitTimes

    This article is a great resource for nonprofits who are trying to decipher the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns vs. online giving.



5. How to Begin Attracting New Donors to Your Organization

By: Robin Cabral at @non_profit_pro

  This is a "to the point" post that gives very practical advice on attracting new donors. It's a great quick read that gives you a lot to think about. 



BONUS: How to Cure Founder's Syndrome

"Founder's Syndrome is a serious condition if left untreated. The good news is that the prognosis with treatment is positive! An nonprofit organization can reverse the damages caused by Founder's Syndrome and even establish a healthier course for it's future."