Gifted leaders are gifted at asking the right questions.

     If you want to get the best out of your team, it's important to create the space for them to share their perspective, feedback, and personal desires for the organization. Did you just break out into a cold sweat? Don't be afraid!

     Questions build connections. A team that is well connected will provide a strong foundation for your organization to grow from.

   Here are 7 questions (if you dare) to ask your team:

1. List in order of "priority" the top 3 of 4 issues/challenges that you believe our organization is currently facing?

2. Finish this statement: As a team member of this organization, the one thing that keeps me up at night is __________________________________________.

3. List 1 or 2 topics that you believe you could present to this team that will inspire a needed discussion?

4. What are 2 or 3 changes would you suggest be made that would potentially have a significant impact on transforming our organization's culture?

5. What lesson did you personally learn from the last 6 months of working at this organization that you feel will be important to remember for the future?

6. What areas other than what you are doing now in your current role, do you believe you could be more valuable to this organization?

7. Finish this statement:  In becoming a part of this team, I wish someone would have talked to me earlier  about __________________________________________.


   Leaders, remember that control freaks do not produce effective team members. Control freaks produce hesitant and resentful team members. Let go of the need to control. Ask the right questions and watch your team become stronger for it.



  Todd Polyniak is a partner at SAX and is an expert in Not-For-Profit financial health for over 30 years.