It may be only Tuesday but some of you are saying, "Todd, I am having a bad week." Friend, all leaders have bad weeks - even the very best ones. Things happen. Funds for a project fall through. A team member makes a mistake that costs the organization. We, the leaders,  make a mistake that costs the organization and the trust of our team. Bad weeks are inevitable but the key is learning how to reset your bad week so you can positively move forward.

Here are just 4 very simple ways to reset a bad week.


1. Change the music.

     There is a reason why movies and television carefully craft a soundtrack to help tell the story. The soundtrack creates an atmosphere that will cultivate feelings of fear, happiness, suspense, drama, sadness, etc. A very simple but powerful way to resent your week is to create your own soundtrack for when the rough times comes. You can change the music to change your frame of mind.

    One of my children has a playlist made for every type of moment in life - everything from celebrating Taco Tuesdays to Snow Days.  She has also created as music playlist for resetting a bad week. It's called, "The Reset Button" playlist. It's mostly stacked with great hits from Motown legends that know how to lift a weary spirit from the pits. She plays this list when she needs to reset her week. This soundtrack helps create an atmosphere of hopefulness and anticipation. No one can send out the good vibes like Ray Charles can,  after all. 

   Change the music to change your mood and perspective: reset your bad week.


2. Consult with a coach.

    A great way to redeem an awful week is to turn it into an  opportunity for you to learn and grow from the experience. Consulting with a coach that is an expert in your field or is someone who is  helping you personally grow, is one the best resources to invest in. Coaches are skilled at asking the right questions to help you learn and take positive steps forward. 

   I encourage all leaders to have a coach they can consult especially when a week has turned into a major disappointment. A coach may also be able to identity patterns that either are causing the issues or are provoking a negative perspective on the situation. Allowing someone to look in objectively to help find positive solutions to move forward is a terrific way to reset a bad week.


3. Call a friend.

         Everyone needs a friend they can call when a week has turned sour. This is a friend who you can confide and safely vent to. They will listen to you moan, complain, and hash out the poop you have been dealing with. Sometimes we just need to talk it out with someone who knows us personally and has our best interest in mind. Hearing a friend say, "I'm sorry you had a  bad week," often is refreshing because we need to be reminded that when bad weeks happen, we have a community of support that will stand with us. You can reset your terrible, rotten, no-good week by picking up a phone and calling a friend.


4. Celebrate the wins.

    As leaders, we have to help our team reset a bad week that the organization may be suffering through. One of the  best things a leader can do for their team is to take the attention off the "losses" and choose to publicly celebrate the wins. This may require an impromptu meeting where the leader will highlight all the good that is happening despite the bad. The team hears the leader's positive perspective and in turn their esteem is lifted. They are ready to move forward with a brighter outlook. This will help reset the week for the entire team. ***Bonus points to the leader who provides good food to accompany the impromptu "Let's Celebrate the Wins" meeting. Pizza is always a win.

  The bottom line is: Don’t allow your bad week to own you!



      Take back control! Reset it and direct it to take a new course that will promote a positive perspective and actionable solutions! 


  Todd Polyniak is a partner at SAX and is an expert in Not-For-Profit financial health for over 30 years.