While most people today prefer texting as their choice mode of communication, texting is an inadequate form of communicating with team members. Why? 

It lacks the ability to communicate "tone". 

      There are not enough emojis in the universe to accurately communicate tone as well as the human voice does.  Unless you are a person whose perspective is always bent towards the positive, it is easy to read this team member's text in the negative: "I can't talk right now. What do you want?" 

   As the great comedian and actress, Carol Burnett, once said,


"Words, once they are printed, have a life of their own."

        This is why "Voxer" is one of our favorite apps to use among team members!  

       VOXER functions similarly to a "walkie talkie". You can add several of team members to a group chat. Instead of texting, you leave voice messages to communicate. This works well with collaborative projects that require constant feedback and exchange. Team members are able to accurately communicate because they are able to use their voice to convey subtext, tone, and meaning - without it having to make a "phone call". 

 Voxer allows you to send typed messages, photos, and videos. It also allows you to save voice messages or email them to your inbox.

The best part about Voxer is that there is a FREE option. Yes, that is right! Your team can use Voxer for FREE. You and your team simply need to download the app onto your smart phones! It is THAT easy. 

     When what is said is understood, ideas are put into a motion with a momentum that is rarely interrupted. Therefore, great teams possess a great skill in communicating with one another. Leaders can help their teams sharpen their communication skills by using apps that will scaffold for the best understanding.

Todd Polyniak is a partner at SAX and is an expert in Not-For-Profit financial health for over 30 years.