5 Websites Every NFP CEO Should Utilize

     Today is a great day to be the CEO of a Not-For-Profit organization because there is plenty of great resources available at your fingertips!

Here are my top 5 favorite websites that I believe every Not For Profit CEO should utilize on a regular basis:


 Good Linc is "is a no cost, supportive bridge between nonprofit organizations, and product and service providers." It's like the Match.com for Not-For-Profit organizations.  What are you waiting for? Find your dream Business Provider today!


2. NOT FOR PROFIT RADIO W/ Tony Martignetti

Tony Martignetti has a gift in both entertaining and educating Not For Profit organizations in what they need to know. If his show is not on your Podcast feed, you are missing out on some valuable information.



 The Chronicle of Philanthropy is your one-stop shop for current news for Not-For-Profit organizations. It also offers several helpful toolkits like, "Tips and Tools for Building Strong Peer-to-Peer Fundraising Programs.



       The Nonprofit Times is another fabulous publication that will keep you updated in what you need to know to keep your organization thriving during these present times. I highly recommend every NFP CEO to subscribe to this publication! It will keep you informed so you can make excellent decisions that will best serve your organization.



        Guidestar is the world's largest source of information on Not For Profit organizations. Why should you utilize their website? I think they say it best: "GuideStar’s Nonprofit Profiles provide you with the information you need to make smart decisions, build connections, and learn from each other to achieve your missions."


Todd Polyniak  is a partner at  SAX  and is an expert in Not-For-Profit financial health for over 30 years

Todd Polyniak is a partner at SAX and is an expert in Not-For-Profit financial health for over 30 years