FRIDAY FAVORITES: Nonprofit Articles, Blogs, and Resources

Here are a few of my favorite Non-profit resources and articles from this week:

#1 After the Donation: A Research-Based Workshop on Retaining Donors

                 by: Simone Joyaux and Ruth McCambridge

"Only three of ten first-time gifts to nonprofits are repeated, meaning that seven of those supporters wander away to support others. Receiving a one-time gift from a donor is only the beginning, but many nonprofits treat it like an endgame. This refresher workshop with Simone Joyaux reminds us, right smack in the middle of fundraising season, of what practical steps need to be taken to keep donors over the longer term."

#2 Your Engine of Impact: Board Governance

                by: William F. Meehan III and Kim Starkey Jonker

"Board governance is one component of the engine of impact that every nonprofit organization must build and tune to become truly effective."

#3 Are Younger Donors More Likely to Reach Charities Before Giving?

               by: Ruth McCambridge

"...there’s a small study in the UK which indicates that donors who are younger than 24 are more likely to want some background information on the charities to which they intend to give."

#4 The Future of Work in Nonprofits: How Design Thinking Can Increase Your Impact

               by: Stephen Jackson 

"Solving problems is a large part of what nonprofits do every day across the world. From poverty to hunger to curing fatal disease, nonprofits are professionals at finding solutions. In crafting solutions, many nonprofits could benefit from a design thinking approach."

#5 9 Nonprofit Trends That Will Influence 2018

             by: Will Schmidt

"In a lot of ways, trends are feedback. Whether it’s Beanie Babies or Bitcoin, they offer us a window into what large segments of the population like, what they hate, and how they like to be engaged. To stay relevant to your audience, you have to pay attention to trends."